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POOF! is part of the 2CUL venture (; and an online tool that automates the largely manual steps required to review and place an order for an item in all formats. It is a closed system, requiring authorization for use. The system is built with Drupal, using queries that acquire bibliographic metadata from WorldCat and present it in a user friendly fashion. The subject specialists in both Columbia and Cornell can review the bibliographical information and discover if an item is already held by the other 2CUL partner, greatly enhancing decision making process as our two institutions strive towards building collections collaboratively. If the specialist decides to place an order, this action can be initiated directly from POOF! allowing the subject specialist to appropriately designate which collection (Cornell or Columbia) the acquisition belongs to. The specialist is also able to reject or defer an item for additional review. A preset matrix determines where the purchase will be made from (based on variables within the metadata associated with the material to be purchased.) Various scripts enact the decisions in the appropriate system that will create the acquisitions record and purchase order. The tool provides avenues for subject specialists to interact across institutions with each other (and with contributing vendors) regarding the value of the items reviewed, ranking them in terms of their usefulness, and adding comments. In the future, it will also allow funneling ILL decisions to selectors and PDA dual versions for review. POOF! is imagined as a way to track the acquisition of material, from consideration for review all the way through the ordering of the material, and a way to manage workflow, prompting each member to attend to tasks in dashboard at logon.

Cornell Team

Boaz Nadav-Manes, project manager

Implementation Team

  • Gary Branch
  • Adam Chandler
  • Pete Hoyt
  • Chris Manly
  • Steve Rokitka
  • Rick Silterra
  • Adam Smith, project support.

Project Oversight

  • Dean Krafft
  • Scott Wicks
  • Bob Wolven
  • Xin Li

Columbia Consulting Team

  • Evelyn Ocken
  • Matthew Pavlick
  • Mark Wilson

Harvard Consulting Team

  • Danielle Adams
  • Corinna Baksik
  • Daryl Boone
  • Alison Thornton